World Press Freedom Day 2016 UNESCO
World Press Freedom Day 2016 UNESCO

Curator / Multimedia producer

On the Frontline of History
Photographic exhibition
World Press Freedom Day’s
2-4 May 2016, Helsinki, Finland

‘Photojournalism in Conflict: on the Frontline of History’, portrays the daily life of populations in conflict areas affected by political unrest, economic pressures or social crises in the Arab region and East Africa.

The exhibition features the work of young photographers from Arab and East African countries who received training on Photojournalism and Conflict-Sensitive Reporting in the Age of New Media. The trainings were funded by Finland and Sweden, and implemented in Jordan and South Sudan within 2014 and 2015.

Around 300 young photographers living in conflict or transition areas were empowered to use photojournalism to create world-changing news coverage through trainings in conflict sensitive reporting, editing and writing skills, documentary filmmaking, and lessons in ethics in photojournalism and the role of new media.

The workshops addressed the need for specialized training in East Africa and in particular, post-conflict Arab countries. Participants ranged from inexperienced to mid-career photojournalists working under dangerous situations and where freedom of the press is compromised.

Photojournalists perform their jobs in varied surroundings – from awards ceremonies and sports events, to political rallies and violent conflicts. They have the ability to tell the news through images. However, this vital role needs to be undertaken with care and expertise.

The work behind ‘Photojournalism in Conflict: on the Frontline of History’ is the result of cultivating a sense of journalistic responsibility embraced by young photojournalists in the Arab region and East Africa despite the recurrent threats, dangers and pressures faced in their fieldwork.


Nadia Abdullah (Yemen) / Ikilass Henry (South Sudan) / Jok Solomon (South Sudan) / Hilina Abebe (Ethiopia) / Maheder Haileselassie Tadese (Ethiopia) / Ezer Mnasri (Tunisia) / Mohamed Adel (Egypt)
/ Ahmad Abu Sitta (Jordan-Palestine) / Ala’a Khweled (Syria) / Mohamed Abdulazez (Syria)

World Press Freedom Day 2016 UNESCO