The Abd-Alkarim Mirgahni Cultural Centre

Omdurman, Sudan

The Sudan International Photography Symposium
& special events

27 Sept – 02 Oct 2014 / Omdurman – Khartoum

An academic gathering focusing on the current and future state of photography in Sudan and East Africa

Since the separation of Sudan and South Sudan in July 2011, photographic practice in Sudan has improved dramatically. It is now time to explore the rich heritage of photography in Sudan and the wider East African region, and to highlight and support the activities of the new generation of photographers.

The Symposium took place over five days from 27th Sept – 02nd Oct 2014 at the Abd-Alkarim Mirgahni Cultural Centre in Omdurman. It consisted of an exciting programme of key presentations, chaired sessions and panel debates, Q&A sessions, screenings, performances and openings. The Symposium was supported by the Norwegian Embassy in Khartoum.

The Symposium was the first event of its kind in Eastern Africa. Goals:

  • Provide a formal and academic platform for learning, participation and debate surrounding the practice of photography in Sudan and the widerEast African region
  • Create an international platform, a marketplace, a network and a hub of exchange
  • Provide a place for training, capacity building and master classes
  • Enhance awareness of photography in the region and behind it
  • Facilitate the information flow and cooperation between photographers, local government, policy makers, cultural organisations and commercialagencies. No comprehensive dialogue currently exists between these groups.

The Symposium brought together local and international experts from the photography and media industries. It attracted an audience of photographers at everylevel and those working in related fields with an interest in photography: curators, writers, students, academics, buyers, editors, journalists, NGOs and collectors.

All aspects of photography were represented: fine art, photojournalism, documentary, community, editorial, commercial, museums and galleries, archives and libraries, higher education and photographic agencies.

Organizations & project management team:

The Abd-Alkarim Mirgahni Cultural Centre

The Centre aims to widen awareness, broaden general and cognitive knowledge, thought, literature, arts as well as advancing the culture of positive dialogue among community members without discrimination.

As an independent non-profit organisation, the Mirgahni Cultural Centre offers the best platform for enhancing communication and understanding between media practitioners, local government and policy makers.

The Centre was inaugurated in May 1998, with the aim of being a lending Library, a research resource, a lecture and performance arts venue and a publishing house for Sudan’s written culture and history.

Frederique Cifuentes / creator & curator of the project

Frederique is documentary filmmaker, photojournalist and project manager. Her work focuses on history, heritage and arts subjects and corporate assignments. She started her work in Sudan and South Sudan in 2002 and has since produced several films and photo-stories about Sudanese societies which have been published and exhibited worldwide. Her mission is to promote cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue. She has more than ten years of expertise and knowledge in generating ideas, creating, obtaining funding and producing audio-visual projects.

Sudanese Photography and Design Centre

The Centre was created in 2006 by M. Ali Mohamed Osman, Head Professor at Sudan University, College of Fine Arts, Photography department.

The Centre is located in Khartoum and offers training in: fine art / conceptual photography, photojournalism, photography studio, color and Black and white traditional printing, DSLR, medium and large format camera equipment, advertising and consultancy.

The Center also holds a large collection of photographic books and archive photographs and a gallery.


The Sudan International Photography Symposium