Frédérique Cifuentes’ position:
Exhibition coordinator
Multimedia producer

Mogadishu 2030
21 July – 19 August 2017
P21 Gallery, London, UK

Goals / To promote contemporary cultural expressions produced by Somali artists and cultural professionals and to support the diversity of cultural expressions

A fantastic summer art programme and an exhibition to visualise the future of Mogadishu by 2030 at P21 Gallery in London, UK.

The 4-week multimedia exhibition is about Somalia contemporary art, literature, poetry, music performances, films, debates and a series of community art activities. Mogadishu 2030 promotes Somalia’s vibrant and fascinating culture and how its artists visualise their future by 2030.

This exciting summer programme brings together Somali talents, for better understanding of the Somali Community and its social dynamics; engaging and connecting with many new audiences and transforming stereotypes and promoting different perspectives to that portrayed by the media.

Mogadishu 2030 exhibition photos