Sudan Uprising, What’s happening
A series of studio photographic portraits

Client: Sudanese Women’s Union

In March 2019 I photographed more than 15 Sudanese women in London, all from diffe­rent generations and backgrounds, to present a great example of unity to the masses back in Sudan. The photographs are accompanied by insightful handwritten personal quotes and com­ments. We learn of the varied experiences from the Sudanese people’s revolt across their homeland in Sudan and by members of the Diaspora. This series of photographic portraits is a powerful celebration of the Sudanese people’s Uprising, and their determination to change the powers that be at all costs.

Protests in Sudan began on 19 December 2018 due to a hike in prices of basic commodities such as bread, and fuel shortages. People took to the streets first of Atbara city and burnt down the ruling party headquarters. Then the protest movement rapidly spread across the whole country. Since the protests began government forces are using teargas and live ammunition against peaceful protesters.

The series is a plea for a peaceful people’s revolution in the making, which started in December 2018. The people of Sudan are calling for regime change, freedom, democracy and dignity beside the Sudanese Professionals Association and signatories of the Declaration of Freedom and Change. The demonstrators call for ‘freedom, justice and peace’, and ‘Revolt is the choice of the people’, the dismantling of repressive institutions, and the handover of power to a transitional civilian national government.