Position Fédérique Cifuentes: 
Film director

‘Our lives, Our voices’ is a deeply humanistic film exploring the lives and identities of Sudanese Women. The film is a celebration of the strength of women in Sudan.

The film tells the story of the experiences and accomplishments of each woman, their courage, their triumph, failures with and artistic take.

The diverse and inclusive collection features artists, politicians, doctors, writers, scientists and mothers. My attention is for each portrait to be all encompassing, so that the audience can feel completely immersed by their stories and variety of thoughts.

Set in Sudan and among communities from the diaspora, the film follows women’s likeness and identity; as well as highlighting their contribution towards the civil society and across the fields of education, literature, science or the arts.

This film is also based on my evolving relationship to Sudan and to womanhood as I have already filmed many extraordinary Sudanese women.

Sudanese Women Our lives, our voices