Sudan Revolution: Women in Blue

Sudanese protesting in London against the Government of Sudan.

A series of protest photographic portraits. In April 2020 I photographed women protesters in London who showed solidarity with protesters in Sudan by wearing cloths of blue, the favourite colour of a protester slain as he reportedly tried to protect two women.

Sudan’s diaspora has played an essential role in supporting the anti-Bashir protests. Since December 2018 and until today Diaspora members and Sudanese acti­vists all across Europe continue suppor­ting and demonstrating in solidarity with people in Sudan. Sudanese doctors have raised funds to help the injured in Sudan and assist me­dical teams. Artists and musicians have raised awareness through songs and arts. Sudanese journalists abroad have widely shed light on events in Sudan. Activists and international human rights groups meet regularly for peaceful aims and towards a transitional period and transfer authority to a civilian administration.