Curator / Multimedia producer

Sudan in Focus: Transmission and Vision

AWAN Festival 2024
Saturday, 2 March at 12 – 4pm
Rich Mix, London E1 6LA

A special event with Sudanese female artists from a range of practices including visual art, cinema, photography, craftsmanship and performance. ‘Sudan in Focus’ will take the public into Sudan’s beautiful cultural diversity and multiple artistic identities. Be with us to explore themes of love for fragrances, rituals, and resistance with sonic, audio-visual and sensory interludes.

Sara El-Nager + slideshow
Journalist & Editor of ‘Regional folk costumes of the Sudan’ by author, illustrator Griselda El Tayib
15 minutes

Zainab Gafaar + slideshow
Safeguarding Sudan’s Living Heritage
Total 30 minutes (talk + video screening)

Dar Umbadir Song / video clip
Darfur heroes / Darfur Women’s Museum
Short film 6 minutes
Omdurman Street Coffee
Short clip 29’

Nasra Mamoun + slideshow
Jewellery maker
15 minutes

Workshop: Sudanese Thobe design and embellishment
The Thobe is a traditional dress worn by women in Sudan

Aisha Sharife
Artist, painter, Bakhoor maker
Bakhoor is the name given to unique wood chips which are soaked in fragrant perfume oils or other natural ingredients from flower oils to resins.
+ Workshop: Mastery of bakhoor making

Heroic Bodies
Directed by Sara Suliman, Sudan, 2022
96 minutes

The story of the development of women’s rights in Sudan is told through unique archive material and interviews with activists. We see and hear how women have been oppressed, ignored and abused for centuries, and what has changed.

Sudan in Focus: Transmission and Vision AWAN Festival 2024