South Sudan Referendum

Client: SSRC (South Sudan Referendum Commission) 

I was accredited international observer by Khartoum and the SSRC (South Sudan Referendum Commission) for South Sudan Referendum in London from 9th January 2011 until 15th January 2011.

More than 4 millions people registered in order to vote for the South Sudan Referendum. Outside country polling stations were opened in the US, in Australie, Canada, Egypte, Uganda, Kenya and in the UK.

London was the only polling centre accross Europe, where 653 out of the 10 000 Southern Sudanese living Europe registered.

Southern Sudanese casted their votes until Saturday 15th January 2011 in order to vote for Unity or Secession. The Referendum was part of the The Comprehensive Peace Agreement (or CPA), also known as the Naivasha Agreement, a set of agreements culminating in January 2005 that were signed between the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) and the Government of Sudan.